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Mobile Exterior Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Exterior Detail

One Of The Best Mobile Car Detailing Sydney Can Have

Mobile Car Detailing - Exterior Detail

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Wheels Degreasing

Wheels Pressure Water Clean

Pressure Water Body Rinse

Door Jambs Cleaning

Shampoo Body Wash

Clay Bar Treatment

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Pressure Water Rinse

Chamois Dry

Machine Cut & Polish (Buffing) 

Exterior Windows

Tyre Shine

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Station Wagon

Small SUV






Engine Bay Detail

Engine Bay Detail


Headlights Restoration

HeadLights Restoration


Leather Supplement

Leather Supplement & Conditioner


Mobile Detailing Services - Exterior Detail

This service is designed to take care of your ride's exterior if you started noticing that the normal wash is not giving you the ultimate satisfaction and the exterior shine you are looking for. The Exterior Detail with Hot Ride includes clay bar treatment, contaminants treatment, and a singe stage machine buffing to make sure that the surface of your paint is as good as it can be. We are also specialized in black color cars so you are in safe hands with us.

Did you know that a clean and shiny car can boost its value?

If you are looking to sell your car, a car detail is unavoidable. Buyers will be willing to pay more if they are convinced that your car is in excellent condition. While cleaning the inside helps, cleaning the engine of grime is a sure way to get good money for your car. You only need to look at car dealers to understand why cleaning under your hood is a very profitable idea.

You can book an engine bay detail with any service simply by mentioning that in the comments when you are completing your booking. This will cost you only an additional $30 but will make your ride look amazing. If you choose to book our Pre-Sale Detail service, engine bay detail is for free. How cool is that?

Exterior Car Detailing In Few Simple Steps

Exterior car detailing is not just a quick wash of the exterior components of a car. A good car detailer will make the car gleam, minimize surface scratches, and should always apply a shielding paint sealant.

The common exterior process includes:

  • Washing and Drying – Unlike a car wash, detailing is done by hand. The first step involves spraying the car with specialized spray that is high-powered, followed by thorough hand washing on the rims of the car, door jambs, glass and all exterior parts that need cleaning.

  • Claying – A clay bar is used to remove any impurities, traces of overspray and other residue that cannot be removed with normal detergents.

  • Polishing – After a car has been used for a while, it is normal that it loses its polish or shine. Therefore, in this process, the original polish is restored.

  • Sealing – To give the car a glossy shine, a sealant is applied, and in some cases, wax can be used.

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