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Full Mobile Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Full Detail

One Of The Best Mobile Car Detailing Sydney Can Have

Mobile Car Detailing - Full Detail

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Seats Shampoo

Floor Shampoo

Floor Mats Shampoo

Interior Wipe + Interior Shine

Dashboard & Console Conditioner

Interior Windows

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Wheels Degreasing

Wheels Pressure Water Clean

Pressure Water Body Rinse

Door Jambs Cleaning

Shampoo Body Wash

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Pressure Water Rinse

Chamois Dry

Exterior Windows

Tyre Shine


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Station Wagon

Small SUV






Engine Bay Detail

Engine Bay Detail



HeadLights Restoration


Leather Supplement

Leather Supplement & Conditioner


Full Car Detailing

Full car detailing at Hot Ride is one of your best options when it comes to automotive care. A standard car wash barely includes a simple vacuum and wipe and a quick exterior wash. Detailing involves a long process that brings your car back to life and restores its former glory. Full Car Detailing will not only make your car look like new, it will also help in preserving its value and enhance its performance. The interior and exterior protection products normally used in all detailing services help in keeping the vehicle in a better condition for longer periods of time which increases its re-sale value.

Full Car Detailing Process - The Exterior

The exterior detail for this service involves 4 main steps: The rims, gentle exterior wash, decontamination and protection:

The rims: This step involves degreasing the tyres and rims, brush them inside and out with specific tools and brushes, then rinse them with pressure washer to make sure they are as clean as they can be before putting a bit of dressing on, also know as tyre shine.

Exterior wash:

Mobile Detailing Services - Full Detail

​Has your car been dirty for a long time? Did you ever have the feeling that it might be impossible to clean your vehicle and get it back to its former glory? This is where the Full Detail option comes to play. We are experts in full interior and exterior detailing. We will bring your car as close as possible to showroom condition. The full interior will be soaped and scrubbed. The majority of the visible stains will disappear. The exterior will be thoroughly washed. You also have the option to add additional services like engine wash & detail and headlights restoration. We are also experts in classic cars restoration with the 3-stage paint correction option.

You can also ask for a hand polish with this service for an extra charge of $50. If you are willing to do some more work on your paint, then we would advise you to go for the Pre-Sale Detail option which includes a single-stage machine buffing of the exterior. Our Pre-Sale Detail option starts from $325 and comes with free headlights restoration and engine bay detail.

Useful Car Washing Tips

To keep the paintwork looking great, give it a wash every fortnight or so. As well as removing dirt, it will help to reduce unwanted abrasion and prevent the onset of rust. Some people think washing a car this regularly will remove the protective coating from its paintwork, but this isn’t always the case. Using the wrong thing, like washing up liquid, will damage the paint, and washing it regularly but never waxing it will also leave it exposed to damage. You could use a two in one shampoo and wax to help protect as you wash.

If you let your car air dry after you’ve cleaned it, water marks will develop on the surface — and these are often more difficult to remove than dirt and road dust.

To dry your car effectively, use a soft microfibre towel or chamois to carefully remove any and all water droplets from the paintwork. Using a long, figure of 8 action, start at the top of the car and work down each panel to remove excess water and leave the paintwork looking clean and clear.

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