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Ceramic Coating - New Station Wagon

A gentle touch of care and protection

  • 5 hours
  • 700 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Some station Wagons can be very attractive, even though they are commonly known to be used for businesses rather than family cars. No matter what the reason is, if you purchased a brand new one, it can and should be protected, and our professional team at Hot Ride can help you achieve that in no time and with the best price available in the market. Our mobile Ceramic Coating service available Sydney wide can help you achieve the highest level of paint protection you need, without having to spend a fortune with the car dealership, or to wait for your turn in expensive paint protection shops when you can get the same result and maybe better, instantly and with a lower cost. Hot Ride offers 5 years warranty on all ceramic coating jobs so you have nothing to worry about. Being a leading company in the car detailing and ceramic coating industry, we pride ourselves with high-end quality, yet with very reasonable prices so that our services can be accessible to the majority of people in the community. Contact Hot Ride Mobile Ceramic Coating Sydney today to know more about all our services or to book your next service with us. What Does Ceramic Coating NOT DO? Ceramic coating will make your car exterior resistant to a whole host of things, but it does not become dummy-proof. Contrary to the claims by some brands and detailers, a ceramic coating is not a cure-all product for any and every problem with your car. It won’t absolutely prevent damage from scratching and rock chips The resistance of ceramic coating is often misinterpreted in this regard. Ceramic coatings, though they offer protection against naturally occurring damage, do not bullet-proof your car from rock chips and scratches that come from applied force. The coating is very hard and resilient, so it does in fact provide a solid degree of protection. But know that it not a magic coating that eliminates the risk of rock chips, scratches, and scrapes. It also does not eliminate scratching that can occur due to negligence like using hard plastic brushes in winter to clear off ice and snow. It does not take away the need to wash your car A Ceramic Coating means that your car can continually look new with relatively lower maintenance, not none at all. Even if you go outside every day in a hermetic suit, you still have to shower every day, don’t you? The situation is very similar with ceramic coating for cars. So yes, ceramic coating does improve the paint's durability but does not replace maintenance

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