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Ceramic Coating - Used Station Wagon

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  • 10 hours
  • 1,000 Australian dollars
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Service Description

Maintaining a Station Wagon can be very difficult and time consuming, especially if it is constantly used for work purposes. Hot Ride Sydney can help you in your quest by introducing state of the art mobile ceramic coating, done next to your house. Not only does ceramic coating protect your paint, it also can reduce the time it takes to wash your car by 50%. The characteristics of this type of paint protection is that it repels dirt, dust, and water so that your vehicle can be clean for longer periods of time, and makes it easier to clean. The way this service is applied to your car is by giving your paint a 3-stage buffing procedure, also frequently called paint correction, to make your paint look at its best. Then the whole surface will be cleaned and wiped with an alcohol based solution to make sure all small invisible particles are removed. Then a thin invisible layer of ceramic coating is applied to seal that nice finish from the exterior world. And the good thing about it, it theoretically lasts forever as it bonds with the paint, however you get five years warranty with it. Hurry up and book now with Hot Ride Mobile Ceramic Coating Sydney, we are the best and the cheapest in the market!!! Ceramic Coating as a Car Paint Protection Imagine that you cover vehicles with a very thin second skin, which is invisible to human eyes due to microscopic nano coating particles. When you use car paint protection products you seal the pores of the glass or paint surface. Water and mud particles are too large in comparison with nano ceramic coating for cars, and they can’t catch a new layer and slide down. Thus, most of the videos you watch are possibly the truth. Nano ceramic coating makes the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), protects from UV rays, chemicals, and even other paint (anti-vandal protection). Anti Scratch Nano Ceramic Coating Possibly, you watched the video where people scratch their car using keys and don’t leave any scratch marks. If this is an advertisement for vehicle ceramic coating, never buy this product as these people are lying and exaggerating the protection properties of nano coating. The 9H nano ceramic coating provides some protection. However, it helps against small pieces of gravel. If you catch a decent-sized rock or vandals attack your car, the nano paint shield will not be able to protect it from damage. Always remember that with ceramic coating on your paint, you still need to wash and maintain your car regularly.

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