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Ceramic Coating - New SUV

Ongoing protection for peace of mind

  • 5 hours
  • 750 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Got a brand new SUV? It is time to protect it. Well you have couple of options here. The first one would be to apply a paint protection film on it. However, paint protection films do not cover the entire body of the car, they only cover the front, as this is where you are more likely to get the damage from bugs and stone chips. And even though it only covers parts of your vehicle, it can still cost you around $3k to have it installed. Your second and most reasonable option would be to go for the ceramic coating. Hot Ride Sydney provides you with this service at the comfort of your own house. Our mobile detailing and paint protection services can reach to you wherever you are in greater Sydney NSW. Hot Ride is a leading provider in car care services, yet trying to maintain a reasonable price range to suit all customers. Getting full protection on your new SUV will cost you as low as $750, with 5 years warranty. And more, if you are not happy with the ceramic coating brand we are using, you can choose any other brand in the market and we can use it on your car, you will pay only the price difference in case it is more expensive than our used brands. Few Fact about nano-ceramic coating you might be interested in: Although water, dust, dirt, slide off a coated surface with little-to-no effort, residual contaminants can still stick to the surface. Over time, these can accumulate and begin to layer. With ceramic coating, of course, cleaning the car becomes a lot easier, and you will no longer need to wax the car every few months. It does not completely remove mineral spots from rain and water. Water spotting can occur when standing water sits on your car surface. As the water dries, the minerals in the water form crusty, flaky spots on your car. If you live in regions with water that has heavy mineral content, water spots are almost inevitable – whether they occur as a result of rain, or after car washing. Water spotting is however greatly minimized by the hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Coating. It does not replace maintenance. While Ceramic coating does make your car hydrophobic, shiny, and keeps it clean for longer, regular maintenance is still a necessity. You still need to clean and rub down your car regularly with proper solutions. What Ceramic Pro does is makes this process very easy and quick, but it does not replace it. While ceramic coating can be of great help for you, always remember that the best way to preserve your car is to maintain it

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