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Ceramic Coating - Used SUV

Wash, correct, and protect

  • 10 hours
  • 1,100 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Part of the maintenance of your used SUV/4WD is maintaining its paint. And to do that you need some sort of paint protection to make this paint last as long as possible without the need of repainting. One of the best paint protection options available in the market now is ceramic coating. It is a thin invisible layer that bonds with the top layer of the paint to make it more durable and resistant to elements and light scratches. If you have a used SUV and started observing swirl marks resulting from unprofessional washes, it is time to do something about it, especially if it is a dark color such as black or dark brown. Hot Ride Sydney provides you with the top quality Mobile Ceramic Coating services to suit all your needs. We come to you and take care of your ride for you. In this service, we start with a simple wash and clay bar treatment. Then we correct the paint with a 3-stage buffing procedure to make sure your paint is suitable for paint protection. Then we apply our ceramic coating layer and you're good to go. The best part of it is that you get 5 years warranty with all our ceramic coating services. You can book now, email us, or give us a call to discuss further about any concerns you might be having. Nano Ceramic Coating Maintenance People think if they use car nano coating, it doesn’t need any maintenance at all. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Due to nano coating, a car becomes dirty much more slowly, and you can quickly clean it up, but it doesn’t give full protection from mud, and does not exempt one from the need to wash the car. Nano Ceramic Coating is not permanent. It’s a very durable substance that will serve 2–3 years. However, its lifetime depends mostly on how you maintain it. Is Ceramic Coating for Cars Easily Applied? Yes and no, the covering process is not complicated and doesn’t require high professional skills. The challenge is preparing the car’s surfaces for coating. A car should be washed and not have any damage or scratches. Before applying nano ceramic coating, make sure that it isn’t dusty or wet. Conclusion Is nano coating useful? Definitely, yes. Taking into account the affordable price of nano ceramic coating, you get powerful protection from water and mud, quite decent protection from scratches, and it saves money on car washing services. A disadvantage is a complex process of preparing a car for coating. However, in comparison with its many advantages, it plays no role. Contact us for more info.

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