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Hot Ride | Mobile Exterior Sedan Detail

Exterior Detail - Sedan

Wash, clay, & buff.

  • 3 hours
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

The paint on your lovely sedan or sports car is looking dull? No worries at all. Hot Ride Sydney has the proper solution for you. The Exterior Detail service is all what you need to revive that paint and make it sparkle again. The paint normally becomes dull when there are a lot of tiny scratches and swirl marks on it. With the exterior detailing option, we buff all these marks out for you. The service starts with a good thorough clean of the exterior, followed by a clay bar treatment to remove all contaminants. Then the whole paint will be buffed with a smooth medium cutting compound to reveal the fresh coat underneath your damaged paint. If you need more clarifications about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Car Detailing Myths: 1. I heard you must buy products specially formulated for clear coats. This is a myth started by car care manufacturers and perpetuated by people trying to appear as experts. In an attempt to sell more products, car care companies started to apply specialness to their own products by claiming their products are clear coat safe, or specially formulated for clear coats. A marketing tool that exploits the ignorance of consumers, it automatically creates doubt by claiming to be safe for something that most consumers have no ability to verify. The fact is that every paint type is going to come with its own inherent vulnerabilities. Just as no brand is exactly the same as any other brand, the same holds true for paint types, clear coat types, etc. Many will argue that clear coats are unique in that they are “softer” than traditional or other paints. Whether this be completely true or not, is mostly irrelevant. As a rule, a person must always apply appropriate use of tools, products, pressure, etc., when doing any area of auto detailing. As far as any form of unwanted chemical reaction between clear coats and products, this is untrue and one need not be concerned with shopping clear coat safe products. 2. You only need to wax your car once a year. Depends. With modern day clear coats, most clear coat finishes (which is any new car today) will last 2-4 years without doing a single thing to them; no washing, waxing, or polishing. Of course with that said, your car will not be looking its best (waxing also serves to visually enhance, not just protection) and you (or the next owner of your car) will now be forced to make up for lost time due to your neglect. Neglecting your paint will cost you more money over time.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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