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Hot Ride | Exterior Station Wagon Detail

Exterior Detail - Station Wagon

Is it rough? Give it a buff.

  • 3 hours
  • 270 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Does your station wagon look dull? Can you feel that it isn't as shiny as it used to be? Well all this is due to the tiny scratches and paint oxidation done over a period of several years of use. Welcome to Hot Ride's Exterior Detail service that can make things right for you. First we start with a good wash and a clay bar treatment to remove all tiny little particles that are stuck to your paint, then it is followed by a machine buffing with medium pad and cutting compound to get that top paint layer out of your vehicle for good. A clear shiny coat is revealed from underneath the old paint and the result will leave you amazed. Book with Hot Ride Sydney now. Car Detailing Myths: 1. I heard that carnauba wax is the best. There is no such thing as best as this is an individual call to make based on your specific situation, and expectations. It is also an oversimplification as to whether you are referring to the best in protection or the best in visual performance. There is also no such thing as a pure carnauba wax, as Brazilian carnauba wax is impossible to use in its natural state, and a wax product must be “blended” and processed with other ingredients to make usable. 2. I heard that synthetic waxes are the best. Once again, this is an individual call to make. Waxing is about protection and appearance, and just like most things in life, you must trade off one benefit to receive another. The same goes with wax products. Synthetics will outlast carnauba blends for durability, but suffer from the inability to “cover” or “hide” surface blemishes as a carnauba paste wax can do. 3. I know a guy who kept his car for three years and never washed or waxed it the entire time. Just before he sold it, ran it through the car wash and it was fine. It is true that most modern day paint finishes can last about three years with absolutely no maintenance. Unless you don’t care what your car looks like during that time, or don’t care about the next owner of your car inheriting problems of your neglect, then by all means, do nothing. Proper paint care does include regular washing, use of the clay bar, and waxing for protection and beauty. 4. It is necessary to apply wax in a strict back and forth method, as applying in a circular motion will create swirl marks. While this sounds logical, it is a false statement. Since all wax is not created equal, it is possible to put in unwanted marks by using a wax that has abrasives, or using excessive pressure and/or dirty rags.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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