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Hot Ride | Exterior Van Detail

Exterior Detail - Van

We detail, you enjoy the ride.

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 350 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Bring your work or family van back to life with the Exterior Detail option provided to you by Hot Ride Sydney. Vans are very practical vehicles to drive and have a lot of benefits especially when it comes to their interior storage capacity. But if you have a dark colored van, it is only a matter of time before you start seeing tiny scratches and swirl marks on the paint. This is when you need to give us a call. Hot Ride always has the answer for all your car detailing problems. When you know your van needs a good buff, do not give the job to amateurs or try to do it yourself if you are not experienced in this field. Our professional detailers are always around and ready to take their next challenge. Do not hesitate, give us a call or book your service online. Important reasons to wash your car: 1. It gives a new look We all know how expensive it is to purchase a new car and how idiotic it is not to pay attention to its washing. Everyone wants to keep their newly purchased cars as neat as a new pin, yet it demands your hard work. Wouldn’t it be cool if you keep special consideration on it by replacing its tires, changing the oil, and daily washing it? If you can’t do it yourself, contact Hot Ride and we will do the hard work for your. It will give a brand-new look for your car, and it will give you internal satisfaction. Car washing isn’t time-consuming, just wash, vacuum, and here you go with the entire process. Isn’t it easy and straight forward? 2. Dirt can harm your car If you think that dirt can only fade your car color, you are wrong. When the dirt remains unwashed for a long time, it can scratch your car’s paint. Moreover, if that scratch left uncured or uncared, it can turn into a chip. If dirt is left your vehicle it can wear the protective coat off and can blur your shading. Hence to avoid such faults, better take care of your car with all the possible measures, and make it look brand new. Give it a good wash weekly or at least don’t let the dirt scratch your car’s paint. If you want to wash your car comprehensively, call Hot Ride or visit our website 3. It improves car value If you are planning to sell your car to purchase a brand new yet, your car condition doesn’t allow you to do so? What to do now? On the other hand, if you keep it neat and unspotted, you can sell it whenever you want. If you are going to maintain your car’s value, better to give it a good wash weekly because it is the only way to keep it clean and tidy.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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