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Hot Ride | Sedan Interior Detailing

Interior Detail - Sedan

A deep clean that will amaze you

  • 3 hours
  • From 195 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Deep cleaning the interior of your Sedan has never been easier with Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney. The Interior Detail option has all what you need. Our detailers will come to you at the comfort of your home. With this service you will get the floor, floor mats, and seats all shampooed and wet vacuumed to remove all dirt and stains from them. This service will also remove bad smells from the interior of your vehicles. The roof liner will be cleaned as well, in addition to your console, dashboard, all interior plastics and windows. You will also get a shiny protective solution on interior plastic trims. Your Sedan will look and feel like brand new from the inside. Book it now! Some Car Wash myths: 1. Detergents do a better job of cutting through grease and hardened dirt. Detergents contain very abrasive chemicals, which make them ideal for cleaning extreme dirt and gunk. They can do the job, but shorten the lifespan of your car paint. Not only do they speed up processes like oxidation – they will also remove any protective coating on your car’s paint, like wax and sealant. Invest in a pH balanced car wash soap or shampoo from a reputed brand to clean your vehicle. Steam cleaning is also a very effective and safe alternative for detergents. 2. Polishing is an optional paint care step. If your car paint is still dull, lifeless and has minute scratches and swirls even after waxing, then it is most probably because you decided to forego polishing. Polish is an abrasive product that is used to prepare the surface for waxing by removing paint defects and creating an even surface. If this step is omitted before waxing, you will notice that paint defects become more visible. 3. Air vents do not require cleaning. Unclean air vents carry a large number of disease-causing germs and are responsible for car odors that no air freshener can seem to get rid of. Steam is the best way to clean them, because its high temperature can easily destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses. 4. Automatic car washes are better for conserving water than hand washing a car. This is one of the car wash myths that can become a fact only if you hand wash a car the wrong way. Of course a running hose will cause more water wastage than an automatic car wash with a water reclamation system in place. With a proper pressure washing system in place, you use only what is necessary to clean your car, and unlike what many might think, a pressure system consumes less water than a tap hose.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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