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Interior Detail - Station Wagon

New feeling with your old station wagon

  • 3 hours
  • 170 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Have you ever thought how it would feel if your station wagon was brand new again? Well Hot Ride Sydney can give you the closest feeling you can get to brand new with the Interior Detail package for station wagons. Station wagons are normally neglected as they are generally regarded as work cars and not worth the attention. However, these type of vehicles can become very attractive if maintained and cleaned properly. Interior Detail cleans your carper, your floor mats, all your seats, your trunk, all your interior plastics, and even the roof lining. You do not have to worry about anything, Just book this service and leave the rest to our professionally trained detailers. Some Car Wash myths: 1. The engine does not require cleaning. Just because no one can see your car engine, that does not mean that you should ignore its maintenance. A clean engine reduces incidences of engine fires and makes it easier for you to identify fluid leaks. Imagine a leaky engine covered in junk and oil. How would you recognize the area of damage! A clean engine will also significantly increase the resale value of your car, because it shows that you take engine maintenance seriously. 2. A car that gets caught in the rain is as good as washed. Contrary to the popular belief, rain water is not clean water. It contains many minerals that can cause water spots on your vehicle. This is why we recommend using distilled water for car washing. If your car gets caught in the rain, it should be washed as soon as possible to minimize damage to the paint. 3. Any piece of cloth will work as a towel when cleaning a car. Paper towels, bath towels, diapers and old t-shirts are not meant for wiping a car because they can cause paint scratches. Invest in microfiber towels and chamois towels specifically made for auto detailing. 4. There’s no difference between car washing and detailing. Car washing and detailing are two very different processes. Detailing is more expensive and time consuming because these professionals thoroughly examine your car and then assess its needs. Detailing involves processes such as claying, polishing, waxing, glass cleaning, tire cleaning and even interior detailing. Washing is a process that you find at automated car washes that offer a simple 10 minute exterior wash. 5. The clear coat provides sufficient protection to the paint. The clear coat is actually a very delicate paint layer that can be damaged very easily. Paint protection and sealants are a must.

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