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Hot Ride | Interior SUV Detail

Interior Detail - SUV/4WD

The ultimate interior clean

  • 4 hours
  • From 249 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Rejuvenate the interior of your SUV/4WD with the mobile Interior Detail provided by Hot Ride Sydney. If your car's interior is very dirty or has a bad smell, this is the right option for you. Bad smells inside a vehicle can be caused by food left overs accidentally dropped inside, or from water or strong humidity inside the car from leaving a window open during a rainy day for example. All this can be fixed. Just give us a call or simply book your next detail online, Our detailers will wash the carpet, the floor mats and the seats. You will have the brand new look and feel again. All our jobs are completed to perfection and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Fact about Car Washing: Car Washes protect your investment! Maintenance goes beyond oil changes and tune-ups. Keeping a car clean is essential - and not just for cosmetic reasons. If a vehicle isn't kept clean on a regular basis, it will be de-valued at the time of trade-in or resale. According to many auto trade-in experts, cars in excellent mechanical condition and appearance can be valued as much as $1,500 higher than those in good or fair condition. Detailing tips for your new car: New cars do not come with any protection on them in the form of waxes or sealants; you have either paid for it or the salesman is blowing sunshine up your backside. Any new car will have a clear coat as part of the original paint job done at the factory. Clear coats are essentially un-pigmented paint, and needs washing and waxing just like we have always been taught. Modern day clear coats are forever being improved and are superior to clear coats of days past. Most car paint will last 2-4 years without any form of washing and waxing and be just fine. But this is neglectful and you will pay a greater price later on. If all you did for your car was to wash it every (2) weeks, wax every quarter, and used the clay bar to remove fall-out once a year, you would be ahead of 95% of the crowd; plus your car would not only look better than pretty much every other car on the road, but you would retain as much resale value as possible. Car Washing myth: You can fix deep paint scratches by watching a YouTube tutorial. Fixing deep scratches requires both advanced skills and knowledge. Wet sanding and machine polishing the area of damage and then applying the primer, base color and the clear coat are not simple feats. These steps are best left for a professional hand because a simple mistake can cause you Thousands of $$.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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