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Hot Ride | Mobile Van Interior Detail

Interior Detail - Van

Delivering perfection

  • 4 hours
  • From 249 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Take a look at what you get when you book the Interior Detail option for your van with Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney: Interior Vacuum Interior Dust Wiping Dashboard & Console Treatment with interior polish Seats Shampoo Floor Shampoo Roof liner cleaning Mats Cleaning Cleaning Windows Perfume Weather you use your van for work, transportation or family, it is always the interior that matters the most. And because at Hot Ride we are well aware of that, we are determined to give you the feeling of a brand new van, no matter what year your van was made. Contac us now for a detailed discussion or simply book online to choose your convenient date and time. Car Detailing Myths Busting: 1. You can wax your car too much. This depends. Waxing should be reserved for protection and visual enhancement of paint. Therefore, any car wax product you would be using would not contain any form of abrasives or chemical cleaners, so unless you are so OCD and neurotic as to want to wax your car every day for years, the idea of waxing your car too much is just not true. We must also remember that many people wax their cars simply for visual perfection, so wax as often as you like and keep your car looking its best; those around you will appreciate your efforts. 2. If you wax your car too much, you will get wax build up. There is no such thing as wax build-up; unless a person is referring to wax build-up within seams and crevices due to sloppy application and removal of wax itself. Once again, this is one of those topics that people will use as an attempt to elevate themselves to some form of “expert” by creating specialness to an area of discussion. The so called "expert" in the moment will talk about how you need to worry about wax build up if you wax too often, and you need to take special measures to remove old wax. 3. I heard that new cars don’t need to be waxed. New cars need to be waxed just as any car needs wax on the paint. New cars get no form of protection applied to the paint from the factory or at the dealership. Not to be confused with clear coats, waxing is ongoing paint maintenance that needs renewing as wax wears out/off over time. Clear coat is un-pigmented paint that is applied at the factory as part of the original painting process and needs protection and visual enhancement just like old-school single stage paint jobs. Always keep in mind that cleaning a car is an essential part of its maintenance if you would like to preserve its value.

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13 Sebastian Avenue, Rosemeadow NSW, Australia

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