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Mobile Ceramic Coating Sydney

Paint Protection

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Mobile Detailing Services - Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating is a chemical solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from paint damage. In other words, Ceramic Coating is a thin invisible layer placed on top of your paint to prevent this paint from any contact with the exterior world. This way the paint of your car remains untouched. In most cases, this service requires a 3-stage paint correction procedure before the application of the Paint Protection Layer. It might take up to 10 hours to complete. Mobile Ceramic Coating Sydney is our specialty. Give yourself peace of mind with our industry professionals in all sorts of paint protection options available in the market. 

Mobile Ceramic Coating Sydney
What Is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating, otherwise known as nano-ceramic, is a polymer solution designed to be applied on a car's exterior surface to protect it against natural elements. It is considered to be the advanced form of traditional paint protection solutions. The product is made mainly from Silicon Dioxide with the combination of several other ingredients depending on the manufacturer, in order to make it last as long as possible on the paint after application.

Ceramic Coating Application

What Are The Benefits Of Paint Protection

Paint Protection can offer your paint several advantages. The most important benefit is the protection from UV Radiations and preventing the paint from fading due to sun exposure for the long run. It also protects your paint from unwanted chemicals such as strong soap & degreasers at your local car wash, bird or bat droppings, or any acidic contaminants in the air or during bad weather. Additional benefits can also be observed in the constant shiny look of your car and in the effortless wash when your car is dirty. Ceramic Coating is a repellent in its nature, so dirt & water will stick less on a car with ceramic coating on, hence becoming easier to wash. Light scratches and swirl marks can also be prevented or at least reduced when applying such products.

Mirror Finish Paint Protection

How Is It Applied?

The application of the ceramic coating itself is not that complicated. In fact anyone can learn in just few steps how to apply it on his own vehicle. It is the preparation phase that requires the time and the experience. Before applying the protection, you need to make sure that ythe paint is well prepared and worth of protection to begin with.In order to do that, the vehicle should be thoroughly washed and treated with a clay bar to make sure all the roughness and any contaminants are removed. The next stage is the lengthy and painful buffing procedure. The paint needs to be buffed generally 3 times to achieve desired outcome. After the buffing stage, the whole car should be wiped down with alcohol to remove any debris left by the cutting compound from the buffing stage. Last but not least, the application of the paint protection should be done one panel at a time

Paint Correction

How Long Does It Last

There has been several theories discussing how long ceramic coating lasts on a paint, and most of them give you many years of protection, generally 5 years and above. Theoretically speaking, if the car is stored indoors, it should last forever since its chemical nature makes it bond with the paint. However, no manufacturer will give you a lifetime warranty on paint protection because the paint will be subjected to the elements of nature. The majority of brands give anywhere between 3 to 7 years warranty on such products. We at Hot Ride give all our customers a 9-year warranty after application in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, so rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

Nano Ceramic Protection

Is Paint Protection Worth The High Price

The short answer is definitely yes. UV rays can destroy your paint and make it look dull an old in just a few years if your car is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. Imagine yourself going to one of Sydney's beautiful beaches in a hot summer day without sunscreen. With car paint, it is the same concept, only sun burns on a paint will not heal with time, they will become worse. A thin coat can provide you with the protection you need to preserve your car for a longer period of time & keep it in a Car Dealer condition. Hot Ride provides you with the mobile ceramic coating Sydney needs. You take care of your business and we take care of your car.

Paint Correction Sydney
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