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Mobile Detailing Services

Why Is Hot Ride Better Than Other Mobile Detailing Companies?

Since Mobile Detailing is becoming more and more popular in Greater Sydney, it is also becoming more confusing to customers to determine which company they should be choosing to perform their services. Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney did a small survey and chose the following main criteria to help potential customers decide which provider they should book:

  1. Variety of Services - Customers would like to see a variety of choices they are able to choose from. Limiting the client's choice makes him feel that he is bein directed to make a certain decision or choose a certain service that he doesn't need, simply because his desired option is not available on the detailer's menu. Hot Ride provides its customers with 5 detailing options, in addition to the ceramic coating option for customers looking for paint protection. And it doesn't end here. Customers have also the choice of customizing any service to suit their requirement. To do so, they can contact Hot Ride so they can be advised accordingly.

  2. Reasonable Prices - With many options come the prices. Our Elite Detail starts from $195 and our Full Detail starts from $249. This price set was specifically designed to suit all requirements and all budgets. It is important here to compare apple to apple when choosing your service. Other provider might charge you similar prices for their full detail, but their full detail might not include exterior protection of the car.

  3. Easy to book - Most of the mobile detailing companies in Sydney provide you only with one booking option, by phone. Hot Ride has more to offer in this regard as customers have a variety of options. You can book online by simply choosing your detailing option, entering your contact details, your address​, choose your own date and time from a live calendar, then check out. Another booking option is to send us an email and we will get back to you in the same day. You could also call us or chat with us with a live chat that appears on our website. Moreover, you could send us an inquiry for an obligation-free quote through the available button in the header.

  4. High Quality - No one likes to see his money wasted, so when it comes to quality, it is expected to get flawless results, and this is exactly what you will get with Hot Ride. If it can be done, our mobile detailers will do it.

  5. Customer Service - Hot Ride takes customer complaints very seriously and deals with every issue professionally, so you can rest assured that your matter will be solved and you will always get the results that please you.

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