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Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Pre-Sale Detail

One Of The Best Mobile Car Detailing Sydney Can Have

Mobile Car Detailing - Pre-Sale Detail



Seats Shampoo

Floor Shampoo

Floor Mats Shampoo

Interior Wipe + Interior Shine

Dashboard & Console Conditioner

Interior Windows



Wheels Degreasing

Wheels Pressure Water Clean

Pressure Water Body Rinse

Door Jambs Cleaning

Shampoo Body Wash

Clay Bar Treatment



Pressure Water Rinse

Chamois Dry

Machine Cut & Polish (Single stage buffing)

Exterior Windows

Tyre Shine


Original on Transparent.png




Station Wagon

Small SUV






Engine Bay Detail

Engine Bay Detail



HeadLights Restoration


Leather Supplement

Leather Supplement & Conditioner


Mobile Detailing Services - Pre-Sale Detail

The Pre-Sale Detail is the highest option you can get when you are fully detailing your vehicle. With the normal detailing, you generally get the interior of your car fully detailed, and the exterior washed and waxed. With the pre-sale detail option you get the machine cut & polish, the engine bay detail, and the headlights restoration on top of the normal detailing. The engine bay detail is priced for $30 and the headlights restoration is priced for $60. So by booking this services, you basically get $90 worth of extra work done on your car. If you are planning to sell your vehicle in the near future, do not hesitate to call us now. Detailed vehicles can get you anywhere between $1000 & $1500 extra compared to same vehicles in bad condition.

For the single-stage machine buffing, we use a medium cutting compound with wax. So basically you are getting your car buffed and waxed at the same time. This way we ensure that the newly revealed surface of your paint will be protected for the next few weeks.

Some Tips For You

To reduce the risk of swirl marks in the future, make sure you rinse your sponge (or cloth) regularly during washing, preferably in a separate bucket. Dirt particles on the sponge can easily cause damage to the paint, so try to get the sponge or cloth as clean as possible before bringing it back to the paintwork.

Swirl marks are super fine scratches that appear on the surface of your car’s paint, and can be caused by using the wrong kind of cloth or sponge, or using one that’s dirty. Some people might tell you that covering the car in wax will remove the marks, but this isn’t the case. Instead, the best way to remove swirl marks is with a quality car polish. Paint polish is best done with a dual action polisher. If you are not confident using it on your car, call a professional and let him do the risky work for you.

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