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Mobile Car Detailing  Sydney

One of the best mobile car detailing Sydney can have

Sydney's Best Mobile Detailing Services

With more than 20 years of experience in the car wash industry, Hot Ride can deliver you the most professional mobile car detailing Sydney needs. You name it, we detail it. Our wide range of mobile detailing services is designed to suit all requirements. A simple mobile detailed car wash with ceramic wax sealant can start from $195, it all depends on what level of service you require to be done on your vehicle. Our aim is to change and improve the car wash near me and car detailing near me experiences. 

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What Makes

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So Special

We Care

We are car enthusiasts, so we care about your car as much as you do, and maybe more...

We Know

We are professionals, so we know what it needs to deliver a perfect job

We Inform

We inform you about the steps, the price, and the time to get the job done, so there will be no surprises

Our Most Common Mobile Services

This mobile car detailing service is very popular for its very convenient price and the level of service provided.

It is priced at $249 for sedan, hatchback, and single cabin utes, $289 for station wagons, and $325 for double cabin utes, 4WD & SUV's.

This mobile detailing service is recommended to be done once a month to maintain your car's paint and keep its shine with our premium hand polish service.

It is priced for $195 for sedan, hatchback, single cabin utes and station wagons, and $220 for double cabin utes, 4WD & SUV's.

This is where we take the mobile car detailing Sydney to another level. If your car has been neglected for a long time, this is the service you need to restore it to its former glory.

The price for this service starts from $325 for Sedan & Hatch vehicles and increases depending on the size of the vehicle.

No More Time Wasting & Waiting In Long Queues In Busy Car Washes

When was the last time you were able to take your vehicle to a car wash? Many of us just choose the DIY shortcut & spend a fortune on chemicals & waxes without even getting the desired result. Your solution is only a few clicks away with our wide variety of mobile detailing solutions to suit all your requirements.


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Fully Committed To Perfection


Bringing car wash to your doorsteps and making your life easier is only the beginning.

Our team of dedicated & trained car detailing professionals are committed to deliver the best possible job a detailer can deliver. No matter what the condition of your car is, there is always something to be done, and Hot Ride Sydney will do it, to Perfection!!! 

We Deliver The Best Mobile Detailing Services In Sydney

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Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney is the leading provider of mobile car detailing services in all Sydney NSW. With our wide variety of car wash & car detailing options, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied with what they choose. Whether you are looking for a simple car wash, interior car detailing, exterior car detailing, paint correction, or paint protection (ceramic coating), Hot Ride delivers all the car detailing services to your doorsteps wherever you are in Sydney. 

Are you tired of wasting time on useless google searches like car detailing near me, car wash near me, and car detailing Sydney? By the time you finish your search and you think you found the right car wash, you are far from over, you still need to take your car to the desired car wash and spend few hours there depending on the required detailing service. All this wasted time can be recovered by booking one of our mobile car detailing services online. It takes you only 30 seconds online to get rid of all your car wash worries.  

Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney specializes in paint correction and ceramic coating of vintage cars. If you are a vintage car owner, you know very well that you cannot just go ahead and paint your car every few years. But you need that paint to look new and shiny at all times. Well, we have a solution for you. Ceramic Coating can keep your car's paint looking brand new for many years to come. We provide 5 years warranty on all paint protection jobs and we do 3-stage paint correction prior to ceramic coating application.

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Our variety of car care options ensures we cover all car detailing services Sydney needs:

  • Primary Detail: This mobile detailing service is very similar to the basic detail, in addition to interior dressing for the dashboard and console.

  • Elite Detail: This is the next best thing you can get from a mobile detailing service. This service includes a full vacuum of the interior, dust wiping, leather supplement, dashboard and console conditioner, exterior wash, clay bar treatment, and hand polish. This detailing service is recommended at least once a month to keep your paintwork shiny and protected.

  • Pre-Sale Detail: This is the ultimate mobile car detailing service. If the interior of your vehicle is really bad, this is the detailing service you need. The seats will be deep cleaned and all stains removed. The same applies to the floor, floor mats, and roof liner. Any leather interior will be cleaned as well and conditioned with a special leather treatment. The exterior detail includes wash, clay bar treatment, and machine polish (buffing).

  • Ceramic Coating: Car lovers who would like to apply that extra layer of protection to their cars can rest assured that the team at Hot Ride Mobile Detailing Sydney has all the knowledge, experience, and the right products to deliver a high-end finish. All our ceramic coating services come with a 5-year warranty.

Wait no further. Book your car detailing service now with Hot Ride Mobile Detailing Services Sydney and let us do the hard work for you. Call us or make an online booking in just 30 seconds. We will come to you at your most convenient time and complete the detailing job to perfection. Hot Ride prides itself on being one of the best mobile car detailing companies in all of Sydney NSW. We also service Wollongong and Picton areas. We simply take car wash to a different level.

Changing The Car Wash Near Me Experience

Have you ever felt unsatisfied with the performance of your local car wash? Is the quality of their wash & detailing services getting worse and worse every time you visit them? How about changing all that with Hot Ride Mobile Car Wash & Car Detailing Sydney? We bring a professional car wash experience to your home. A car wash near me is really a car wash near you now. Just sit, relax and watch our detailing professionals while they execute their tasks with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our vans are fully equipped with all the wash and detailing equipment & chemicals that you can find at your local detailing shop, and maybe more. From normal shampoo to advanced and strong cleaning chemicals, commercial vacuum machines, air compressors, pressure water systems, buffing machines & compounds, hand polish compounds, waxes, leather protection, and paint protection, we simply have it all. Book your next mobile detailing service now with Hot Ride Sydney.

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Mobile Detailing - The Future Of The Car Wash Industry In Sydney

With all the unexpected changes that the world has seen in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the large number of employees who are now working from home, it is only natural to expect some of the large industries to adjust their marketing and operating strategies to accommodate these changes. The car wash industry has experienced a dramatic decrease during the pandemic due to all the restrictions and social distancing rules that were put in place for the safety of the community. With fewer and fewer people going out and using their cars, many of the car detailing shops kept operating only to cover their costs, while others were forced to shut down their businesses for not being able to keep up with all the rent and bills. Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney saw the growth opportunity by providing attractive mobile car wash & car detailing services at very reasonable prices. It also gave its customers the option to book online and choose their own convenient date and time. Car wash has never been easier with all the mobile car detailing options presented by Hot Ride Sydney.

Car Wash & Car Detailing Sydney

Useful Tips To Wash Your Car

Washing your car at home can be tricky, especially if you are not experienced in car paint and how it reacts and be affected by the way you do the car washing process. Paint is a very delicate substance and can be very easily scratched without you knowing or noticing at first. But with time, those tiny little scratches will increase in numbers until the paint starts looking pale and dull, especially if you have a black color car. If you do some research, you will notice that several sources talk about the 2-bucket method and the 3-bucket method to minimize the risk of scratches and swirl marks. At Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney we use our own different method which we call the Multiple Cloths Procedure, and it consists of washing your car using 3 or 4 clean microfiber cloths while following this sequence:

  • The first step is to rinse your vehicle thoroughly and properly, and when we say properly, we don't just mean to wet it, you should pressure wash it preferably with a pressure washer gun so you can remove the majority of the dirt without having to touch the car. If you do not have a pressure washer machine, use a nozzle on your garden hose, and make sure to use maximum pressure. 

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  • Fill a bucket of clean water and soap, and put in 3 or 4 clean microfiber cloths to be used for washing the vehicles. Microfiber cloths are softer, cheaper, and more efficient than any other washing pad or sponge you can find in the market. The trick here is to use each cloth once to wash a part of the vehicle. Once used, do not put the cloth back in the soap bucket. Use another cloth to wash another part of the vehicle, this way, the soap and water bucket will never be contaminated with dirt coming out of the vehicle.

  • Once done with the soaping procedure, rinse your car properly also with water pressure to ensure that there is no soap or dirt remaining on any part of your car.

  • Use additional 3 or 4 clean microfiber cloths to dry your vehicle. All cloths used in this procedure should go straight to the washing machine to ensure they are clean for the next wash.

  • A very important tip, do not to press hard against your vehicle while executing the washing or drying procedure. Use only little force because yes even clean soft microfiber cloth can slightly scratch your paint if pressed harder than what is required. This procedure will minimize the scratch risk by at least 90%.

  • What is the difference between car wash & car detailing?
    Car Wash is generally referred to the process of normal cleaning which usually includes interior vacuum & wiping, exterior soaping & drying, in addition to windows & tyres. This option also has some upgrades like interior polish, exterior polish & wax, and leather supplement. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. Car Detailing, and as its name indicates it, is the process of in depth "detailed" cleaning of your vehicle. The interior is generally soaped & vacuumed to ensure most of the stains are removed, and the exterior is usually thoroughly washed, treated with clay bar, and buffed with a machine to achieve smooth and gloss finish. This option also has some additions like engine bay detail & headlights restoration. The average time to complete such a service is 4 - 5 hours.
  • How long does it take to detail a car?
    It generally takes anywhere between 4 and 5 hours to fully detail a car, however, this time can vary depending on several factors such as the car's interior condition, exterior condition, colour (darker colours take more time to buff), the size of the car, the extras that might be required or requested (engine bay detail, headlights restoration, ...etc.)
  • Is Car Detailing cheaper if done at a local car wash?
    Detailing at local car washes might be a fraction cheaper since they are not adding travel time to their prices, but quality is not always up to your expectations especially when you don't know who or how your car is being detailed. You might end up having more scratches rather than fixing the old ones. It is also more time consuming to detail your vehicles at the local car wash as in most time they would ask you to drop your car in the morning and collect it by end of the day, so you have to take pick-up and drop-off time into consideration when making your decision.
  • Why is Ceramic Coating so expensive?
    The answer is simple. The ceramic coating compound is expensive, applying it requires a high degree of expertise and professionalism, and the paint needs to be properly prepared before applying the ceramic coating, which also requires expertise and a lot of time. If you are applying ceramic coating on a 5-year old black car, chances are that the paint is already full of light scratches and swirl marks, which requires a good wash, clay bar treatment, 3-stage cut & polish (2 hours for each stage), and then the application of the ceramic compound. The whole process might take up to 10 hours to complete.
  • How do I choose my service?
    Just go to the Detailing Services page in the Hot Ride's menu and you will be able to see all our services including detailed description of each service so you can be aware what exactly you are purchasing. If you are after a Ceramic Coating service, it is on a separate page of the menu. All our services are accurately priced so there will be no surprises.
  • What is the difference between hand polish & machine polish?
    Hand polish is a gel wax compound (sealant) applied to the vehicle with a soft pad and then removed using a microfiber cloth. It has the same effect as the liquid wax, but it is a bit thicker and can give better results and lasts longer than the normal wax on the car. Machine polish is a different procedure where you use a buffing machine with a cutting compound rather than wax, so you are basically cutting through the old paint to reveal the fresh layer underneath. The machine polish is a pre-requisite for ceramic coating on used cars.
  • How do I book a service?
    Hot Ride has made this process very easy and simple for all customers by providing a wide variety of ways to complete your booking. 1st Option: Book online, with very few simple steps. Go to the Book Online page, choose your service, choose your date & time from an available calendar, enter your details (name, address, phone number & email) and you are done. You will also receive an email confirming your booking. 2nd Option: Send us an email mentioning your required service, along with your contact details and desired date & time, and we will get back to you with our nearest availability. 3rd Option: Call us and inquire more about your potential service before before making a booking. You can even finalize your booking on the phone. How cool is that?
  • How do I pay for the service?
    We have 3 payment methods currently in use by Hot Ride. 1st method: Pay by credit card when you are booking a service online. 2nd method: Pay by cash upon delivery of your service. You can select this option with online booking as well by ticking the Pay In Hand selection. 3rd method: Bank transfer. Bank account details will be provided to customers by the assigned detailer in person.
  • Do you require water and electricity connections?
    At this stage, and for safety related measures, our vans are not equipped with water and electricity. This set-up might change in the future if the right model was introduced. So the answer is yes, we do require a nearby water tap and a power plug.
  • What areas do you cover?
    Hot Ride is based in Sydney, and it covers all the Sydney NSW area, including the North Sydney area, and we also go a little south towards Wollongon & Picton.

Coverage Areas - All Greater Sydney

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