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What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

If you are confused with all the information available on the web about Ceramic Coating, advantages, protection level, cost, etc..., and you are sick of reading endless articles that just make you more confused, this is where everything will be clarified.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

To understand the benefits of Ceramic Coating you need to understand what Ceramic Coating is. In simple terms, Ceramic Coating is a chemical solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from paint damage. In other words, Ceramic Coating is a thin invisible layer placed on top of your paint to prevent this paint from any contact with the exterior world. This way the paint of your car remains untouched.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the clear coat. But other than the obvious, here are a few more reasons to apply it on your car:

Protection from UV Rays

Think of it as a sunscreen. If you park your car outside and is constantly subjected to direct sunlight, then Ceramic Coating is a MUST. UV rays will play an essential role in your paint's oxidization, thus making your car look dull.

Protection from unwanted chemicals

One thing you definitely want to prevent on your paint is chemical stains arising either from soap or degreaser from your local car wash, bird or bat droppings, or acidic contaminants in the air. A clear ceramic coating will prevent these contaminants from bonding into the paint and damaging it.

Effortless Wash

In its chemical nature, Ceramic Coating repels water. This means that water will slide off of the surface of your car faster and easier than with normal paint. This includes dirty water or water-based dirt and grime. A quick rinse with clean water can make your car look like new.

Shiny Look

This is where the aesthetics all car owners will love. Much like car bra, ceramic coating also gloss and depth into your car’s paint. It will give your car a glossy look, bringing the best out of the original paint job.

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How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It?

The cost for applying ceramic coating can vary widely between one car and another, depending on the condition of the paint. When you are applying an invisible coat to preserve your paint, obviously you want this paint to look as good as new before applying the protection.

If your paint is in perfect condition, the application of ceramic coating including the price of the product itself can be anywhere between $400 & $600 in the Australian market.

If your paint has a lot of light scratches, swirl marks, or the color is fading, you will require a paint correction procedure, also referred to as 3-stage buffing procedure. The price for this service depends on the provider, but as a guidance, it can be between $500 & $700 depending on the color of the car. Black cars are the most expensive as they are the hardest to buff.

Although the price seems to be a little bit expensive, however ceramic coating has great benefits that will add value to your car in the long run. Think about how much you will save on paint jobs and paint correction on faded paints to make your car look presentable. So it is definitely worth it.

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